Granville County Data

Granville County has a very strong and growing labor pool. Our workforce is highly productive, efficient and committed to the companies in which they work. Our workforce also offers commitment to the companies located in Granville County.

Located only 8 miles away in neighboring Vance County is Vance Granville Community College. This community college offers a tremendous amount of opportunities for citizens to gain academics, skills as well as any job training that may be required in the job market. Granville County is also located less than an hour away from of the well-known universities in the United States: The University of North Carolina, Duke University, North Carolina State University and North Carolina Central University.

Workforce Indicators
Granville County Civilian Labor Force (June 2014) 26,217
North Carolina Civilian Labor Force (June 2014) 4,688,480
Granville County Employment (June 2014) 24,447
Granville County Unemployment (June 2014) 1,770
Granville County Unemployment Rate (June 2014) 6.8%
Latest North Carolina Unemployment Rate (June 2014) 6.4%
Latest US Unemployment Rate (June 2014) 6.1%


Population Estimate
North Carolina Total Population estimate (July 2014) 10,166,530
Granville County Population estimate(July 2014) 63,067


Wage Indicator
Granville County Weekly Wage Average (as of June 2014) $763.00
North Carolina Weekly wage Average (as of June 2014) $860.0
Granville County Per Capita Personal Income (2012) $30,722
North Carolina Per Capita Personal Income (2012) $37,910

*Source Workforce in Depth Granville County NC (ECS)